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Lay Organization Goal, Cost, Evidence, Harvest, Fruit

Lay Organization
What Is The Lay Organization?

The reason for organizing the Lay Organization within the church is to provide proper instruction for each new and old member of the church as it relates to duties, responsibilities and loyalty to the AME Church as outlined in the AME Discipline.

Lay Organization
Who’s A Layperson?

All persons who have joined the AME denomination and have not been ordained is a layperson. It is each person’s responsibility to become an active member of the Lay Organization.


Guidance Serving

Eight Biblical Principles That Lay Leaders Should Study and Practice As They Serve God.

~Be a Servant Leader, as was Jesus Christ. (Matthew 20:27-28)
~Serve and Worship God in all things. (I Peter 4:11)
~Respect those in authority. (I Thessalonians 5:12-13)
~Do not squander or squirrel away the abilities God has entrusted to you. Instead use them to His Glory. (I Peter 4:10)
~When necessary, delegate.  And once you have delegated, trust your assistants to get the job done; then, express appreciation.(Exodus 39:42-43)
~Recognize your limitation, avoiding the natural tendency to try to do all the work alone, and the inclination to take on more than you can possibly handle. (Exodus 18: 13-26)
~Cultivate good character qualities, such as wisdom, understanding, and respect. And then look for similar traits in ~those you would recommend for positions of leadership. (Deuteronomy 1: 13-18)
~Be prepared, under the power and direction of the Holy Spirit, to execute your duties, effectively and efficiently. (Matthew 24:45-47)