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From this page you can make a one-time donation or easily set up your recurring tithes.  If you have any questions about our different ministries or if you’d like to make a large or non-monetary donation please feel free to contact us at  Thank you for taking tangible steps in the support of the Greater Mt Zion AME Ministry.  With God’s spirit and your help, we will continue to spread his gospel and expand his flock.

What's The Difference? Giving vs Tithing


Proper stewardship involves giving in proportion to what a person has received. Tithing is the practice of proportionate giving of 10% of your income to God. “A tithe of everything… is Holy to the Lord”. (Leviticus 27:30)

A Gift Or Offering

Offerings are financial donations above and beyond tithes given into the Kingdom of God. “Out of all your gifts you shall present every offering due to the LORD, from all the best of them, the sacred part from them”. (Numbers 18:29)


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